Adam Cornford

Adam Cornford

If the written English language were an ocean, I'd be a dolphin. It's where I live, but I also need to surface regularly in order to breathe in new experiences. In the course of my professional career, I've written, co-written, and rewritten almost every kind of text you can imagine: web copy, marketing collateral of all sorts, blogs, whitepapers long and short, reports, business proposals, project development plans, curriculum, feature articles on a variety of subjects, fiction and memoir. I'm omnivorously curious, and this work is always challenging me to learn about new things. It helps that I'm a quick study with a huge knowledge base, and after decades in the field I can write in any style that's called for.

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Expertise Marketing copy, content, and collateral, long and short form; papers, proposals, and pitches. Ghosting or co-writing memoir or fiction. Content knowledge: IT, clean tech/energy, advanced manufacturing, biomedicine, psychology, finance, real estate, art and design...

Skills Like space and time, writing and editing are a continuum. I'm comfortable and effective at every point on it, from creating fresh new copy to tidying up your existing text. And as a widely published poet, I'm not only precisely attuned to the rhythms and flavors of language, but I can wield my internalized knowledge creatively for any client.

Location Southern California



Phone 510-708-3277