"What We Do" page for a Therapy Group

What We Do

In-Home and Clinic-Based ABA Therapy

We don’t just change behaviors. We work on changing environments and consequences so that desirable behaviors can happen.

At Crystal Minds New Beginning, we create therapeutic interventions aimed at improving an individual’s quality of life and enhancing their independence, happiness, and collaboration in the family and community. We treat children, adolescents, and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Down syndrome, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder, and other disabling conditions. Our primary method for achieving these goals is in-home ABA therapy. ABA stands for Applied Behavioral Analysis, which is a set of techniques for assessing and then positively transforming an individual’s relationship to their environment, including and especially to the people around them.

We use various behavioral, verbal, and adaptive assessments to evaluate the individual’s communication, independence, and social and academic skills. Then we work closely and intensively with parents or caregivers in the home, integrating ABA with techniques drawn from other methods like play therapy, verbal behavior, early childhood integration, and adaptive independent living skills.

Why do we base our services in the home? First, we do it because the home is your child’s accustomed everyday environment, which extensive research and experience has shown is the most effective place to deliver behavioral health interventions to children and adolescents. Second, we do it to make it as convenient as possible for your family’s needs.  

We understand that apart from communication and behavior, improvements in academic performance help children and teens develop healthy self-esteem and prepare them for their adult lives. So, as a separate option, we offer psychoeducation for parents and academic enhancement programs to keep their children on track.

Crystal Minds New Beginning makes every reasonable effort to ensure that our services are effective by providing continuous supervision, monitoring progress through data analysis, maintaining ongoing communication with parents, and by working as a team with everyone who takes responsibility for the welfare of the person we’re helping with therapy.

ABA Outside the Home

We don’t limit our interventions to the home. We also include other settings such as schools, clinics, and the community at large. Essentially, we bring ABA to wherever it is needed.

We deliver ABA in schools and daycare settings in the forms of one-to-one sessions, teacher/staff training, and shadowing services. School-based as well as daycare-based ABA focuses on academic integration, social skills, and staff training and vocational development.

Another important generalization of our ABA therapy services is to community settings. To function successfully, individuals need to be highly integrated into society. That means we we help them learn to cope effectively with a wide range of real-life circumstances that may arise. Hence, we focus on community-oriented “out in the world” capabilities such as leisure activities, social skills, and safety skills. Whether you’re visiting grandma’s house, shopping in your favorite store, or going to the park, there is always room for incidental learning.

In home ABA-based therapy is best known for treating people with developmental disabilities, most notably Autism Spectrum Disorders, through early-childhood intervention. However, applied behavior analysis makes contributions in a huge range of areas, including early toddler development; treatment of phobias, insomnia, and severe mental disorders; language acquisition; parenting; education; health and exercise; forensic science; industrial safety; littering prevention; and conservation of natural resources.